Aviate Launcher v1.0 Bluid 52 Full Unlocked

Aviate Launcher v10 Bluid 52 Unlocked

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Aviate Launcher automatically categorizes all of your apps, and intelligently rearranges your homescreen throughout the day to dynamically give you the apps and information you need most, at precisely the moment you need it. Aviate is an intelligent homescreen that simplifies your phone and surfaces information at the moment it’s useful.

★ Wake up, and Aviate automatically brings you weather and your meetings for the day
★ When driving, Aviate automatically gives you traffic and directions home
★ Out to dinner, Aviate automatically shows you photos, tips and reviews for your favorite restaurant.

Heads up! Aviate will dramatically alter your homescreen for the better. It will look different — and we hope you like it — but if you are looking to make heavy customizations to your phone, this is not the launcher or homescreen for you. But, if you wish to simplify your phone and your life, you’ve arrived at the right place.

★ Navigation simplified — transforms your phone into three, easy-to-navigate screens
★ Clean design — streamlines your phone to make it feel faster and more efficient than ever
★ Personalization — auto-adapts your homescreen to your lifestyle, current context, and interests
★ Collections — auto-categorize your apps so you don’t have to

Based on a complex understanding of your context and preferences, Aviate works to deliver you only the best apps and information, when you need them most. Aviate is intelligent, and can learn how to best organize your apps.

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